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GlobalThe Great Spiritual Center "Mohra Sharif" (Holy Village; Mohra for "small village" and Sharif for "holy" or "noble") is an great spiritual center and home of the Naqshbandia, Mujaddadiya. Qasimiya sufi order, read more...

TasbihShajra Sharif Murids must read on daily basis highly recommended.

Daily Wazaifs Azkaars of Naqshbandiya/Qasimiya Order.


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Hazrat Baba Ji Sarkar had over 2 million mureeds (disciples). He also had over 70,000 khulafas, out of which 750 were sahib-e-tariqat. Some of whom are (names of Darbars / Khanqahs):

Bengali Shareef, Baghdara Shareef (Saalak Abad - Hasan Abdal/Pakistan) , Narian Shareef (Azad Kashmir), Kanara Shareef  (Jehlum/Pakistan), Lakhan Shareef (Lahore/Pakistan), Kotgullah Shareef (Chakwal/Pakistan), Gamkol Shareef (Kohat/Pakistan), Tore Shareef (Abbotabad/Pakistan), Kheewa Sharif (Punjab/Pakistan), Pir Syed Irani Shah Sahib (RA) (Hyderabad/Pakistan), Baba Ferouz Din (Khairly Snoute, Azad Kashmir), Syed Shah Hamdan (RA) (Danda Shah Balawal/Pakistan), Khalifa Abdul Majeed Sahib (RA) (India), Haji Malang Baba (RA) (India), Baba Ghulam Yaseen (RA) (Khanewal/Pakistan), Peer Muzzamal Shah Sahib (RA) (Sargodha/Pakistan), Peer Vilayat Shah Sahib (RA) (Pakistan), Peer Fazal Hussain Shah Sahib (RA) (Puran/Pakistan), Haji Rukn-ud-din (RA) (Sargodah/Pakistan - Khadim Haram-e-Paak for 13 years), Hakim Fazal Kareem Qasmi  Sahib (RA) (Sargodah/Pakistan), Moulana Ghulam Rasool Sahib (RA) (Nurdi/Pakistan). Peer Sahib Sawat (Medanak Madain/Pakistan), Sain Allah Ditta Sahib (RA) (Tandar Sharif, Pimbhar, Azad Kashmir), Sain Fateh Muhammad Sahib (RA) (Punjab/Pakistan), Khalifa Younis Sahib (RA) (Srinagar Kashmir), Sain Alif Din (RA) (Azad Kashmir),Sain Mungoo (RA) (Azad Kashmir),Haji Ghulam Muhammad(RA) (Srinagar Kashmir), Baans Brailey Sharif (India)…… and many more.

Pictures of Some Khulfas (RA) that we currently have on our database.

Below - Hazrat Zinda Pir Sahib (RA) of Ghamkol Sharif

Below - Hazrat Pir Ghulam Mohiuddin Sahib (RA) of Nerian Sharif

Below - Hazrat Pir Ghulam Mohiuddin Sahib (RA) And his younger brother also Khalifa of Baba Ji Sahib (RA) Hazrat Pir Saani Sarkar (RA) of Nerian Sharif

Below - Hazrat Khawjah Saih Allah-Ditta (RA)
Tandar Sharif, Pimbhar, Azad Kashmir

Please let us know if you know any Khailfas of Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) that are missing from the above list Or If you have any pictures that you like to post. Please let us know via 'Contact Us'.

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